Emergency Neurology Services Overview

Our teleStroke program sees over 1,700 stroke cases and over 200 tPA cases a month. SOC’s Emergency Neurology solution provides consults for all emergent neurology cases as well as all non-time-sensitive neurology cases for non-admitted patients. While our response time commitment for emergent cases is within 30 minutes of the request for consult, our median time to having a neurologist ready on video is 11 minutes.

Our commitment to quality and the patient experience is of great important to us. Others may measure response time as the time from a request for consult to a call back. We measure it as the time for one of our neurologists to be on video. We firmly believe that the best patient care and patient experience needs a video interaction and not just a phone conversation and 98% of our consults are conducted by video.

We update our protocols on a regular basis to match the ever-changing science as the development of stroke standards continues to evolve.

Emergency Neurology

All emergencies including:

Potential tPA-Acute stroke TLKW < 4.5 hrs

Potential intervention-Acute stroke TLKW < 8 hrs

TIA with the onset < 4.5 hours before consult

Acute intracranial hemorrhage

Status epilepticus

Other rapidly progressive neurological conditions

Non-time sensitive consults for non-admitted patients including:


Change in mental status

Seizures & syncope

Vertigo / Gait & balance issues

Movement disorders, tremor, Parkinson’s

Neuropathy & neuromuscular disorders

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