A Proven Enterprise Platform
Built for Us, Made for you

With our flexible, proven enterprise platform we are here to help you build a telemedicine program from start or optimize and expand your existing program. Rapidly and sustainably.


How Can We Help Support Your Telemedicine
Strategy and Service Delivery?

  • As true partners, we do the heavy lifting by bearing your implementation and operational risks
  • We provide the convenience of having a single, integrated source for every program component
  • We configure our services so they are in full alignment with your unique goals and objectives
  • We make ongoing investments to support innovation on your behalf
SOC Consult management platform

Providing You with a Seamless Experience

Functionality Meets

  • Your telemedicine hardware OR our feature-rich, low-cost carts.

  • Your clinicians OR our clinicians or combination.

  • Specialists on Call Technical Support Icon

    Your decision—we can help you set up, fill gaps, optimize, OR expand.

Turnkey Technology and Operating Platform

Our comprehensive yet fully customizable services work together to deliver the efficiency, operations support, expertise, and partnership you need to achieve program success—now and in the future.

Keys to a Successful Enterprise Telemedicine Program

  • We remove barriers by reducing upfront costs.
  • We expedite the time to launch.
  • We manage execution risks.
  • We offer a flexible, comprehensive solution and platform components including EMR integration.
  • We provide insights with monthly reporting & analytics.
  • We include Lean Six Sigma consulting for workflow optimization.
  • We support optimal utilization to ensure program sustainability.

Reporting and Analytics

Our team supports you from day one. We provide service, support, and steady measures of success. We strictly pursue evidence-based clinical protocols, because actionable data is critical to ongoing innovation. We build in a robust level of reporting, analytics, and benchmarking, so that we are able to use the output from our technology tools and resources to enable and support program optimization. More than just a technology partner, we bring our clinical, operational, and technical experience into the mix in order to ensure ongoing success and excellence in care. Above all, our most important result is your growth.

Quality Backed By Industry-Leading Credentials

  • Joint Commission Gold Seal

    As the first telemedicine company to be Joint Commission Accredited, SOC has maintained Gold Seal of Approval status since 2006.

  • Lean Six Sigma Principles

    We create efficient, effective work flows by activating data-driven insights and putting Lean Six Sigma principles into practice for our partners.

  • Ongoing Project Management

    We partner with you for the long term to ensure the success of your telemedicine program with PMP® certified resources.

Need help with your telemedicine program?

Start - Optimize - Streamline - Expand

We can help you. We’ll start by learning about your needs. Once we have a good understanding, we’ll provide you with the opportunity to review our solutions and discuss how we might be able to partner with you.